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Tiffin 2006 Presentation Highlights

Bob Church - President, Church Livestock Consultants
January 19th, 2006 Presentation
"Will 'City States' Let Us Stay in Business?"

Presentation Highlights

  • Who drives government policies and regulations?

  • What input into those policies does the rural community have?

  • Unintended consequences of those policies – do we have any recourse?

  • How historic and current policies prevent the adoption of new technologies and products

Bob is President of Church Livestock Consultants Ltd. He and his wife, Gina, own and operate Lochend Luing Ranch west of Airdrie. His research in developmental genetics, genome organization, gene expression and embryo manipulation has resulted in more than 250 publications and presentations. He’s an cattleman, entrepreneur, educator, and medical scientist. In 2000, Bob was appointed Member of the Order of Canada.